Senkin Organic Nature〈W:kijoshu〉/ 仙禽 オーガニック・ナチュール〈W:kijoshu〉

Aromatic, long finish, mellow, and soft texture.
Ripe fruit notes of tropical fruits such as mango and lychee.

Size: 720ml
Brewery: Senkin, Tochigi Prefecture
ABV: 14%
Rice: 100% Kamenoo from Domaine Sakura, Tochigi
Polish Rate: 90%
Production Method: Completely additive-free and only rice, rice malt, and water are used.
Food Pairing: Traditional Japanese Cuisine, Unagi Kabayaki, etc.
Glassware: Bordeaux glass, Flute glass.

This is a limited edition of Senkin Organic Nature W.

This season, the alcohol content was lowered to 14% like the other items, and we succeeded in obtaining an overwhelming sense of clarity despite the fact that it is a Kijoshu (sake that replaced water with sake for the brewing process. The result is more intense flavor and aroma.) Like last year, we used last year’s vintage naturals in place of brewing water. We are sure that no other Kijoshu has been so naturally swept away.


The brand concept is to bring out the best of old and new manufacturing.

The key concept of the brand is “Natur (nature) x Traditional (tradition)” with the policy of making a domaine where all the raw material rice is harvested from own rice fields on the same water vein as the brewing water (underground water).

It is designed to have a sweet, sour, and juicy taste with acidity and sweetness as its core flavors.