Senkin Issei / 仙禽 一聲(いっせい)

Good balance of pear-like bitterness of the skin with hints of green apple and muscat.
Elegant with slight effervescence, simple and smooth.

Size: 720ml
Brewery: Senkin, Tochigi Prefecture
ABV: 15%
Rice: 100% Yamadanishiki from Domaine Sakura
Polish Rate: 40%
Production Method: Muroka Genshu.
Food Pairing: Traditional Japanese Cuisine: Kaiseki Cuisine, Kappō Cuisine, etc.

“Senkin Issei” means “one voice of a crane.” It is a new horizon of Senkin, which combines the overwhelming presence and elegance of its name. Domaine Sakura’s “Yamada Nishiki” is polished to 40% for both Koji rice and Kake rice. The sake is made to bring out 100% of its potential, with elegance and a fine touch of “sweetness” at the heart of its quality.

The aroma is subdued and gorgeous, with a dignity of not being overdramatic. The fruitiness of the aroma is full of energy from the Yamada-Nishiki grains, which you can taste as if you are chewing a piece of the rice itself.


The brand concept is to bring out the best of old and new manufacturing.

The key concept of the brand is “Natur (nature) x Traditional (tradition)” with the policy of making a domaine where all the raw material rice is harvested from own rice fields on the same water vein as the brewing water (underground water).

It is designed to have a sweet, sour, and juicy taste with acidity and sweetness as its core flavors.