Koueigiku Snow Crescent Yamada Nishiki Muroka Nama Genshu / 光栄菊 スノウ・クレッセント 山田錦 無濾過生原酒

Slightly effervescent, refreshing, and aromatic.
Notes of lemon, pear, lime, with addition of nuts and honey.

Size: 720ml
Brewery: Koueigiku Shuzo, Saga Prefecture
ABV: 15%
Rice: 100% Yamada Nishiki
Polish Rate: n/a
Production Method: Muroka Nama Genshu.
Food Pairing: Japanese and European cuisines.

It was the first sake created at the brewery. The name “Snow Crescent” is a reference to the town of Mikazuki, where the brewery is located. Please enjoy the fresh and juicy flavor, as if you were biting into a citrus fruit full of juice.


A sake brewery born in 2019. Touji Katsuaki Yamamoto will continue to create new sake that has never existed before.