Koueigiku Harujion Muroka Nama Genshu / 光栄菊 ハルジオン 無濾過生原酒

Aromatic floral with notes of fresh fruits, with high level of 4MMP that often found in Sauvignon Blanc wine.
Green apple, white grapes, with freshness from citrus fruits, and umami on palate.

Size: 720ml
Brewery: Koueigiku Shuzo, Saga Prefecture
ABV: 14%
Rice: 100% Shunyo
Polish Rate: n/a
Production Method: Muroka Nama Genshu.
Food Pairing: Japanese and European cuisines.

This seasonal sake is made from special rice “Shunyo” from Niigata Prefecture, a low-protein rice developed for those suffering from kidney disease. It is also a rice that produces supple amount of 4MMP, an aromatic component that is known as a characteristic incense component of wine of grape variety “Sauvignon Blanc”, and is characterized by its green and refreshing scent.

Fresh scent of green apples and white grapes, centered on the juiciness of grapefruit, bring together refreshing acidity and a pleasant aftertaste. The progression from the first to second to third glass is an interesting one that would leave you yearn for more.


Kouegiku Sake Brewery is located in Mikazuki-cho, Ogi City, Saga Prefecture, which was closed in 2006 after 150 years. It made a fresh start in 2019 under a new management, and overcame hardship of heavy rain disaster in August of that same year. Koueigiku brewery became a hot topic when they shipped the new sake in December 2009 under the brand Koueigiku, which was once popular in the area, as they were sold out immediately.