Juyondai Ryugetsu / 十四代 龍月

Elegant, delicate, calm, with complex yet restrained fruit and floral notes.
Japan's ultra-rare sake.
Subdued ripe melon, with aroma of green apple and Muscat.
Robert Parker's 97 pts

Size: 720ml & 1800ml
Type: Namazume Sake
Brewery: Takagi Shuzo
ABV: 16%
Rice: 100% Yamadanishiki from Hyogo Prefecture Special A Area
Polish Rate: 35%
Food Pairing: Salt-grilled mackerel, fresh shrimp and seafood.

This elegant Juyondai Ryugetsu was released along with Soko (double rainbow), to display the complete dimension of a premium Junmai sake. Like Soko, the sake is obtained using the Shichitare Nijukkkan (七垂二十贯) method, which refers to only obtaining the finest sake (figuratively 7 drops) from 75kg of rice, a method unique to Juyondai. Light, restrained and elegant, Ryugetsu offers complex fruity notes and a silky texture. Perfectly balanced, with long-lasting and smooth finish.