Juyondai Shichitare Nijukkan / 十四代 七垂二十貫

Elegant, mellow, well-balanced acidity, with refreshing umami.
Japan's ultra-rare sake.
Reminiscent of melon, white peach, white flower and scents of steamed rice.

Size: 720ml & 1800ml
Type: Namazume Sake
Brewery: Takagi Shuzo
ABV: 15%
Rice: 100% Aiyama from Hyogo Prefecture’s Special A Area
Polish Rate: 35%
Food Pairing: Sushi, Sashimi, light snacks, or on its own.

Juyondai Shichitare Nijjukkan Junmain Daiginjo sake is a premium sake that is considered as one of the rarest series of rice wine in Japan. It is highly sought after as the production for this sake is considerably less than those of other kinds of sake.

Utilizing the special technique created by Juyondai’s brewery, Takagi Shuzo, 75kg of rice water is used, extracting sake after pressing the bag 7 times and allowing it to drip from the bag. This time consuming method and small amount of sake collected each time make this sake very rare and limited.

Polished to 35%, the sake excuses a velvety texture amidst its richness. With an aroma of ripe melon and white peaches, the sake is beautifully layered with delicate fragrance, and offer silky smooth texture from the first drop the last with very balanced flavor profile.