Houou Biden Ripe Japanese Peach / 鳳凰美田 完熟もも

Slightly effervescent within pulp. Opulent amount of peach in each sip.
Freshness of ripe peach overflow on the palate. Patented technology is used to achieve this revolutionized peach liqueur.

Size: 720ml
Brewery: Kobayashi Sake Brewery, Tochigi
ABV: 5% – 6%
Ingredients: Japanese ripe peach, Hououbiden Ginjo sake.
Drinking Method: Straight or on the rock.

The Hououbiden liqueur series has a reputation for its high quality. Among them, the most popular one is the Hououbiden fully ripened peach. This liqueur is a “completely new peach liqueur” manufactured using patented technology. This is a cutting-edge liqueur that solves the problem of fresh taste, aroma, color deterioration, and discoloration that are typically lost during fruit processing.

Using a patented manufacturing method, instead of physically crushing or pickling the peaches, the peach cells are broken up one by one and liquefied without damaging the cells. Therefore, you can enjoy the full flavor of very fresh peaches.

As you can see in the photo, this liqueur has a distinctly peach-like appearance, full of peach pulp. Please give it a try!


Founded in 1872 (Meiji 5), Kobayashi Sake Brewery produces approximately 1,200 koku, representative of the brand “Hououbiden”. The name of the sake comes from the fact that the brewery was located in Mita Village, a high-quality rice producing region blessed with abundant underground water from the Nikko Mountains.

Houou Mita uses either the “Fune Shibori” or “Shizuku Shibori” methods. Most of the sake is squeezed using the same method as Daiginjo, called “Shizuku Shibori”, and it has the atmosphere of Daiginjo in terms of taste and aroma. There are many aspects of these Ginjo-type sake that cannot be automated, and the result is often higher quality sake that is actually made by hand.