Houou Biden Honey Citrus Mikan / 鳳凰美田 みかん

Irresistible, sweet & sour, and fresh.
Patented technology is used to keep freshness of the fruit pulps. As fresh as it can be.

Size: 720ml
Brewery: Kobayashi Sake Brewery, Tochigi
ABV: 5% – 6%
Ingredients: Domestic Mikan, Hououbiden Ginjo sake
Drinking Method: Straight or on the rock.

This product uses 100% carefully selected Honey Citrus Mikan, and conveys the natural appearance of Honey Citrus Mikan, including the original scent, lively taste, refreshing acidity, and crumbly texture. It is a product that can be done.

In order to convey the real Mikan to everyone, it is filled with “freshness” and does not use any preservatives. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to store at room temperature. Be sure to store it upright (do not lay it down) in a refrigerated dark place, and keep the expiration date within 3 months if it is unopened and must be refrigerated.

Due to the characteristics of the product, the pulp of Honey Citrus Mikan floats and sinks, so we recommend that you shake it gently to mix it evenly before consuming. In rare cases, it may contain the skin or fiber, but there is no problem with the quality, so please enjoy it with confidence.


Founded in 1872 (Meiji 5), Kobayashi Sake Brewery produces approximately 1,200 koku, representative of the brand “Hououbiden”. The name of the sake comes from the fact that the brewery was located in Mita Village, a high-quality rice producing region blessed with abundant underground water from the Nikko Mountains.

Houou Mita uses either the “Fune Shibori” or “Shizuku Shibori” methods. Most of the sake is squeezed using the same method as Daiginjo, called “Shizuku Shibori”, and it has the atmosphere of Daiginjo in terms of taste and aroma. There are many aspects of these Ginjo-type sake that cannot be automated, and the result is often higher quality sake that is actually made by hand.