Aramasa Private Lab Nirugame (9th Gen)

Rounded sweetness, finely textured acidity, bitterness with umami, full body, complex yet refreshing.
Japan's rare sake.
Citrus fruits, dead leaves, burdock, almonds, and mushroom.

Size: 720ml
Type: Namazake
Brewery: Aramasa Shuzo
ABV: 12%-13%
Raw Rice: Sake Komachi
Polish Rate: Between 88%-92%
Food Pairing: Can enjoy by itself, sashimi, light snacks, etc.

In order to revive the essence of sake from the Edo period, this Junmai sake is brewed with a so-called low-polishing rate of around 90% for both koji and kakemai. Normally, brewing sake with rice that has hardly been polished is extremely difficult because it tends to give off an off-taste. In this work, we are trying to express the elegance of modern Ginjo at the same time by making the most of our brewery’s Ginjo brewing techniques. In addition, from the 2019 harvest, it will be fully prepared in wooden barrels, embodying a more traditional appearance. The evolution of the manufacturing method is remarkable, and the future growth potential is infinite. It is a work that Aramasa fans should definitely follow.