Aramasa Private Lab Amaneko

Refreshing acidity, mellow sweetness, bitterness with umami, and elegant sweet and sour taste.
Japan's medium-rare sake.
Grapefruit, lychee, green apple, white flowers.

Size: 720ml
Type: Namazake
Brewery: Aramasa Shuzo
ABV: 13%
Raw Rice: Local Akita Rice
Polish Rate: 55% Koji Rice, 60% Kakemai
Food Pairing: Can enjoy by itself, light cream soup, soft light cheese, lightly sweet fruits such as fig, etc.

“Flax cat” can be said to be the most unique work in the Aramasa lineup. In addition to regular sake koji, it is also brewed using white koji, which has a strong acidity, making it a work that you can enjoy a sour taste that is different from other Japanese sake. As a work that clearly expresses the experimental spirit of Aramasa, it can be said that it still stands out even now, 12 years after it was released. In addition, it is made in wooden barrels like “Colors” and “Hinotori”, and in recent years it has strengthened its individuality. As a spin-off, there is an active cloudy unpasteurized sake “Amaneko Spark” that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle.