Aramasa No.6 X-type

Flavor profile develop over several days, achieving well-balanced, mellow, and elegant.
Japan's rare sake.
Shine muscat grape, lemon, green apple, peach, lychee, pomegranate.

Size: 720ml
Type: Namazake, Kimoto
Brewery: Aramasa Shuzo
ABV: 13% (Genshu)
Polish Rate: 35% Koji Rice, 45% Kakemai
Food Pairing: Can enjoy by itself, or can pair with robust flavor profile foods, such as yakitori or Ankimo.

One of the iconic Japan’s modern sake. Aramasa No.6 X-type is a namazake (生酒), and a highly sought-after label of sake that offers a unique flavor profile that garners a cult-like fans around the world. This Kimoto-style unpasteurised saké is made from Akita saké rice and the brewery’s signature no.6 yeast, polished down to 40% and having only 13% alcohol percentage – making it easy to drink. It’s a profile that combines classic and modern together.