Aramasa Colors Cosmos

Gentle sweetness, gentle acidity, refreshing, clean, smooth, relaxed.
Japan's medium-rare sake.
Gentle scent of sweet grapefruit, green apple, lychee, and lotus flower.

Size: 720ml
Type: Hiire
Brewery: Aramasa Shuzo
ABV: 13% (Genshu)
Raw Rice: Kairyo Shinko
Polish Rate: Koji rice 55%, Kakemai 60%
Food Pairing: Kappo, Yakitori, Kushikatsu, Creamy dishes, Sushi etc.

Commonly known as “Cosmos”, raw rice “Kairyo Shinko” is the first suitable rice for sake brewing that was born in Akita in 1959. Since he has “Shinko 190-go” as its parent, it has a pedigree relationship with “Miyama Nishiki”. However, it can be said that the taste is the exact opposite of “Miyama Nishiki” which gives a hard impression, while “Kairyo Shinko” has a smooth and relaxed taste.