The Experience of Juyondai

(Sake Club Thailand x Sushi Ichizu)

It has been our mission to organize an epic evening like this in Thailand and it finally happened. It is in many sake lovers’ wishlist to dine and drink several labels of Juyondai, so much so that he gather new dimensions and understand the characteristics of such prestigious sake more fully. This was the night.

So aromatic, plump, so much umami, sweetness, notes of white flowers, melons, apple and grapes. Some were spicier than others, some were clearer than others. Some already super by itself, some were left behind by other’s supremacy.

Food at Ichizu was superb with items made specially for pairing with different types of Juyondai.

Event: The Experience of Juyondai
Location: Sushi Ichizu
Beverage: Juyondai
Date: May 2023

Featured Juyondai Labels:
1. Soko
2. Ryu Getsu
3. Shichitare Nijukkan
4. Gokujo Morohaku
5. Tastunootoshigo Daigokujo Nama
6. Bessen Morohaku Hakutsurunishiki
7. Honmaru Kakushin Namazake

Additional Sake: Aramasa Hinotori Jikagumi.