Premium Sake X Kushiyaki

An event designed to promote Japanese sake culture, introducing premium sakes chosen by the members of Sake Club Thailand. We had a number of supported brands for the event, such as Easy Egg and Sake Club Thailand that have elevated the experience of customers as well.

The event happened at Nantei Yakitori, over a period of two days. The food highlight of the event was the grilled skewers that were made to perfections by the experienced chef of Nantei, while the beverage highlight was Juyondai Sakemirai Junmaidaiginjo Namazume. The event was sold out weeks in advance, with both local and abroad. Some people travelled from other provinces to join the event.

Event: Premium Sake X Kushiyaki
Location: Nantei Yakitori
Beverage: Kudogijozu, Sharaku, Mimurosugi, Juyondai, Sawaya Matsumoto, Noguchi Naohiko Lab
Date: 3rd & 4th December 2020