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Crafting Consumer-Focused Event Experiences

About Us

We are a culinary pioneer of the F&B industry in Thailand. We look into the current and future trend and create demands, not relying on restaurants and current insufficient resources. Our network is well-rounded, including but not limited to Thailand’s leading chefs, key opinion leaders, as well as suppliers. We design F&B events with consumer’s needs in mind. Working with our network of influencers and culinary leaders both local and abroad, we delivered numerous events that were one-of-a- kind, became talk of the town, and sold out in record time.

Our decades of experience led us to understand the consumers, both the mass and the niche. Local food trends continuously evolve, and it is important that we put ourselves at the very forefront of the line. We constantly seek for opportunities and partners who would like to join our new and exciting journey together, to introduce new experiences to the local, and to continue to do so sustainably.

sake database

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